Trademark law


I provide a full range of trademark services for busy entrepreneurs who need it done right the first time.

Copyright Law


Protect your creative works — Register them with the Federal Copyright Office.

Intellectual Property Law

Intangible creations also need security and this is what is served here. 



Know your rights.





- Advising on selection of marks for registration;
- Classifying trademark;
- Searching prior registrations and applications;
- Advising on prospects for obtaining registration;
- Filing applications and prosecution to registration;
- Conducting opposition proceedings;
- Advising on proper use of trademarks in packaging, labeling, advertising in print and electronic media;
- Watching and renewing registrations;
- Advising on rights in trade names, trade dress, passing-off, unfair competition, and unregistered trademark rights acquired through use;
- Negotiating and drafting agreements for the purchase, sale, or licensing of trademark rights;
- Registering license and user agreements; and
- Trademark enforcement and litigation.



- Pre-filing advice;


- Research for ownership;


- Advice on registration, use and protection;


- Agreement negotiation and preparation for the creation, ownership, licensing, purchase, sale or collection of royalties (under copyright licenses) of copyright material;


- Infringement advice and anti-piracy (including taking legal action against infringers); and


- Copyright dispute litigation.
Intellectual Property
- Design registration (including preparation, translation and filing of applications to for designs);


- Advice clients on strategies to protect their designs from infringement;


- Patent licensing (including patent licensing and cross-licensing work);


- Patent litigation and disputes (involving patent infringement, oppositions, ownership dispute/interference proceedings, and alternative dispute resolution).



- Character Licensing;
- Corporate Licensing;
- Entertainment Licensing;
- Celebrity Licensing;
- Patent & Technology Licensing;
- Software Licensing;
- Toy Licensing;
- Sports Licensing;
- Publishing Rights Licensing;
- Video Game Licensing;
- Litigation to Protect Your Rights.